23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (2023)

There are as many ideas for shower tiles as there are colors and types of tiles. The only design rule to follow is to choose waterproof and durable bathroom tiles and take careproperly su fugarane.Before you start planning your shower tile pattern, take your timeLearn more about the different types of tiles.and see which material is best for you. Many styles create beautiful shower ideas, including ceramic, stone, glass, marble, granite, etc.

Once you've decided on your tile material, it's time to use your creative imagination. Get inspired by our favorite bathroom shower tile ideas to create your own unique escape.

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supplementary material

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (1)

Outside of the shower, some bathrooms may not have a lot of tile. The bathroom shower tile pattern is the perfect opportunity to accent other colors and materials throughout the room. Here, dark navy blue shower tiles accent the medium gray walls and bright white trim. Marble tiles look even more glamorous when combined with gold details and lighting fixtures.

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pink tiles

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (2)

Vertical strips of square tiles are a simple yet effective way to create a bathroom accent wall. accessiblepink and white showerIt features brass fittings and glass doors that offer a panoramic view of the pink tiles and reflect its clean lines. The white tiles on the floor leading to the shower become white square tiles on the shower floor, putting the main focus on the colorful pink stripes.

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contrasting fugue

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (3)

Bathroom tiles aren't the only shower tile idea to add color. For example, you can use grout in your shower for an unusual color contrast, like this dark grout contrasted with white tiles. You want fashion, you can trypaint the groutany color. However, if you have unglazed shower tiles, you should avoid this DIY project.

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tile shower shelf

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (4)

The vertical arrangement of white tiles accented with beige grout is a soft and elegant choice for this light and bright shower. It wraps around an arched built-in shelf, whose curved shape is an attractive, more tailored alternative to rectangular corners. Two thick marble slabs add subtle color, different materials and classic elegance, with space for soap or shower accessories.

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Honeycomb shower panel

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (5)

Hexagonal marble tiles on the walls, ceiling and floor add style to this shower cubicle. Repetition and heavy use of detail creates a unique look, but the natural variation in tile color provides just enough color contrast to keep it interesting. brassThe shower head is in the wallDecorative gold details throughout add warmth to the gray space. Glass doors with rounded brass handles let in plenty of natural light while showcasing the shower wall tiles.

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Geometric patterns

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (6)

Let a neutral colored shower wall create a relaxing space in a busy bathroom. cement tiles with a bold green and black geometric pattern extend from the floor to the walls and into the interiorwalk in the showerin this beautiful bathroom. A traditional white subway on the shower wall keeps the rest of the space simple and clean, as do the white overlapping walls throughout the bathroom. The brass fittings in the shower complement the green, black and white tiles and complement the mint green vanity units, mirror and chandelier for a harmonious bathroom design.

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chevron detail

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (7)

An elegant white wall leads the view directly to the shower cubicle with blue tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern. layout, texture anddifferent shades of blueThey resemble ocean waves and add a relaxing atmosphere to the shower. Use neutral tiles on the shower floor and let the wall tiles be the focal point. Antique brass hardware contrasts the cool blue color and matches beautifully with light fixtures, cabinet hardware and wall hooks, providing visual continuity throughout the room.

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bathroom decorative wall

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (8)

a striking black and white accent wall with a unique floral design adds monochromatic drama to this dining roomshower without a door.Delicate floral patterns on the wall tiles stretch from floor to ceiling, creating a mural effect. When using striking tiles like this one, keep the rest of the shower more subdued for visual balance. White marble on the walls, ceiling, floor and built-in benches beautify the space, while brass lights in warm tones add a touch of luxurious elegance.

32 beautiful black and white bathroom ideas

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add color accents

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (9)

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Small showers are a natural place to display ideas for different types of shower tiles in contrasting or complementary colors. For example, a white subway tile wall can get a fun pop of color with blue mosaic or hydraulic tiles inside built-in shelves. Or keep tiles the same color and type for a softer look.

if youDo-it-yourself built-in wall shelf, be careful with pipes and shower pipes.

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accent wall in mural style

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (10)

unexpected detailsTake this bathroom wall tile to the next level. White subway tiles make up this black and white rustic shower wall tile. Forming the back of two built-in shelves, a monochrome pattern is covered with classic white tiles that serve as a frame for a decorative picture. The limited color palette and minimalist design of the remaining shower tiles draw attention to the details of the shelf tiles, while the curved matte black handle on the elegant matte shower door continues the color theme.

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black and white shower tiles

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (11)

Get inspired by this modern bathroom to add visual interest to your bathroommonochromatic paletteThe layout of the tiles is interesting. Here, white subway tiles are laid in a straight herringbone pattern for a linear look, highlighted with dark gray grout. The dark color of the grout unites the blackPackageThe back has a mesh pattern with white grout. Triangular floating shelves bring new shapes and colors, and minimalist black elements draw attention to the shower wall tiles.

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bathroom in coastal style

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (12)

ASectoral mosaic designIt adds a playful coastal element to this small bathroom. The white, mint green and brass color scheme keeps the space fresh and clean, allowing the unique shape of the tiles to take center stage. The crescent-shaped fittings on the sink drawers are reminiscent of toothed tiles, as are the rounded edges of the sconces. Quirky two-tone shower tiles create the illusion of water and add to the oceanic feel of the bedroom.

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Mediterranean theme

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (13)

Squares of blue and green tiles in a circular design create a stunning Mediterranean touch in this otherwise neutral shower. Surrounded by a mosaic border and arranged in an arabesque pattern, it transforms this simple bathroom intorelaxBeige wall tiles and a built-in bench allow the colorful decor to stand out, and the glass shower door provides an unobstructed view of the rest of the bathroom.

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small scale

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (14)

This issmall bathroomKeeping proportions in mind, use small hexagonal white mosaics on the walls, ceiling and floor. Bright colors and seamless continuity are excellent techniques for creating the illusion of space and height and creating a neutral background for other layers of decoration. Brass nautical windows add a touch of whimsy, while frameless mirrors reflect light and visually expand the space. Replacing traditional bathroom rugs, vintage-inspired rugs bring unique style and color.

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colored subway tiles

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (15)

Clean lines and cool tones add a modern flair to this bathroom. Stacked green subway tiles extend from the shower to the rest of the bathroom, creating a stunning accent wall with a modern flair.floating chest of drawers.Using paste in a contrasting color, emphasize the shape of the tile and draw attention to the linear design. The straight lines of the white grout are repeated on large areas of the charcoal gray floor, and the contrasting proportions add to the sense of space and provide less crowding for the eye.

How to choose the color and type of grout for your mosaic project

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Add contrast with mosaics

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (16)

Shower tiles can be a nice contrast to other tiles in the bathroom. For example, a nice black border in the shower is a great way to complement the black tiles on this floor. You can also find a matchbacksplash on bathroom sinkTiles in the shower.

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abstract canvas

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (17)

Glossy white tiles serve as a blank canvas for blue and gray tiles inspired by abstract art, displaying a modern geometric pattern. Use as an accent on the shower wall and insidebuilt-in shelves, its clean lines and soft, cool tones add stunning character to this contemporary bathroom. White marble slabs with soft gray veins complete the shower bench and accentuate the gray tones of the shower wall tiles that look like works of art.

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Add accent tiles

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (18)

Find Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas From Kitchen - Many HomeownersUse the area behind the shooting rangeAn intricate mosaic masterpiece. You can create a similar effect with shower tiles. So that the space does not look too crowded, let the coverings and the rest of the walls be fairly neutral in color. Or, for a more subtle variation, mix tile patterns on one wall, such as tiles laid diagonally.

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Change tile size

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (19)

If you're not sure what shower tile ideas to mix and match, you can still add subtle visual contrast by choosing different sizes in your shower. For example, try a large square granite tile for the floor and a smaller rectangular tile (same color) for the shower. Small differences will set boundaries in the shower without you having to say it out loud.

36 fantastic ideas for shower cabins

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Create an accent wall

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (20)

You don't have to use the same shower tile. For example,Use white subway tilesThe glass mosaic tiles above reach the height of the facade creating an unexpected visual effect, while the pebble tiles on the floor provide a gentle foot massage. Some of the best shower tile ideas make the most of different types of tile.

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Use patterned shower tiles

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (21)

Opt for glass tiles with a repeating border or use a black tile border to create white and gray tiles that break up the wall space. Patterned tile tape would also work. Visit your local hardware store for tile shower ideas inspired by their inventory.

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tile roof

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (22)

Much of the design and color in the tub and shower is concentrated on the walls and floors. But shower tile designs can go all the way to the ceiling, another surface where texture, color and pattern can be added through mosaics. do the sameprevent mold growthIn rising showers of steam.

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was retro

23 stunning shower tile ideas for an extraordinary bathroom (23)

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Vintage-inspired turquoise shower tiles get a modern twist herecolorful bathroom.If your home has a yellow, blue or pink tiled bathroom that was all the rage in the 1950s, instead of trying to ignore it, embrace it by creating an interesting design. A whimsical pineapple pink wallpaper complements the blue shower in color intensity, and the matching baseboards add another bold touch. To soften all the color, wood floors laid in a square pattern add warmth and sophistication.


What tile pattern makes a bathroom look bigger? ›

Finally, our advice is to use a horizontal floor tile pattern to widen your floor space. Horizontal floor tiles are successful in making the room look less cramped, and making your small bathroom appear that much larger.

What is the most practical shower tile? ›

Porcelain tile is our number-1 choice for showers because of its diversity, durability, and water-resistance. Unlike some other tile materials, porcelain doesn't have any pores, which prevents the buildup of mildew and soap scum.

What size tile is best for a shower? ›

Tile Sizes for Bathrooms
AreaRecommended Sizes
Small shower walls1-inch square to 4-inch square
Moderate or large shower walls4-inch to 15-inch by 30-inch
Bathroom floor1-inch square to 12-inch square, or up to large-format for large bathrooms
Bathroom walls4-inch square up to 12-inch by 24-inch
1 more row
Nov 30, 2022


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