65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (2023)

Shower tiles are an important design choice that contributes to a bathroom that is elegant, functional and comfortable. When looking for bathroom shower tiles, the most popular designs are aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and should complement your space, balancing style and function for the perfect effect. Tiles can be made of ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone or marble and come in a variety of sizes, patterns, colors and textures, providing endless possibilities.

Some owners will want to use white shower wall tiles in a small bathroom to make the space feel bigger, while others may prefer modern textured floor tiles to create a beautiful mosaic for a luxurious setting. The design of the bathtub, standing shower or shower cubicle can also affect the laying of tiles.

To inspire you, here are some of the best shower tile ideas that will transform and enhance your bathroom.

bathroom shower tile ideas

Combine multiple styles for a unique look

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (1)

Subway tiles and the angular lines of the paneled shower enclosure add a modern touch to this bathroom. These sharp shapes are placed next to the more sumptuous French regional tiles. These contrasting styles create a distinctive look. This black and white bathroom design with a rustic accent creates an effortlessly chic and modern feel that will elevate your space.

Create visual interest with blending shapes

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (2)

The large rectangular tiles in this shower have an elegant, classic look, while the smaller hexagonal tile inserts provide a contrasting visual element and add a modern touch. Coordinated shades of sharp white and gray ensure continuity between different forms.

Modern arrangement of the bathroom on the farm

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (3)

The floor-to-ceiling white subway tiles in this modern farmhouse bathroom stand out against the wood-grain ceiling and look bold and modern, especially with the addition of black grout. The bathroom and shower floors contrast with black tiles and white grout, making the pattern stand out. Using tiles in different shapes but limited color schemes can incorporate texture without overwhelming a small space.

Bring nature into your home with a bold selection of tiles

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (4)

Indoor bathrooms without windows can appear dark without natural light. The green tiles in this shower evoke the feeling of nature and enliven the space. Placing the tiles vertically instead of horizontally also provides a calming waterfall effect, adding to the idyllic feel.

Create a spa-like environment with faux wood shower tiles

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (5)

Wood is a great visual element for home decoration, but it is not suitable for showers due to moisture. Engineered wood tiles incorporate warm colors and subtle patterns through faux textures for an easy-to-keep-clean design. Pair them with items like rain showers and shower-safe plants to create a relaxing, zen feel.

Mix and match different patterns to make a striking statement

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (6)

A small bathroom can look bigger if you stick to a minimalist color palette. But even with its simple black and white color scheme, this bathroom is anything but boring. White subway tiles with black grout and hexagonal shower floor tiles with white grout create an elegant contrast of colors and shapes. Black and white patterned tiles add another layer of complexity.

Charming floor mosaic scheme with shower

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (7)

opt for a simple finish like white subway tilewalk in the showerWalls give you room to play with patterns elsewhere. The gray tone diamond pattern on this floor provides a striking focal point and makes this wet room feel more spacious.

Use texture when tiling for a rustic look

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (8)

Traditionally, bathroom wall tiles have a smooth finish. This urban bathroom breaks the mold by presenting a rough-textured brick wall. Eclectic tiles arranged in deliberately random patterns bring another layer of textile-inspired texture to this modest but welcoming room.

Create monochrome magic by playing with shapes

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (9)

This small bathroom feels much larger thanks to the floor-to-ceiling cream color scheme. The floor tiles are large in size and have a uniform shape, while the wall tiles are of different sizes. This pattern change adds visual interest in a very subtle way.

Choose simple tiles to let other decorative features shine

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (10)

The star of this elegant bathroom is the marble slab on top of the built-in shower bench. Sleek and simple, subway tile is understated enough to allow the feature to take center stage. The gray tiles and white grout echo the swirling colors that swirl through the marble slab, creating a sense of flow and continuity.

Subtle color transitions evoke a unique design

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (11)

V-shaped walls are often used as focal points for anchor designs. This unusual trend uses tiles without much contrast for a more minimalistic effect. Subtle swirls in the marble shower tile flow smoothly into a herringbone pattern, creating a sense of flow.

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Create a chic beach look with natural stone tiles

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (12)

This bathroom adds a chic beach theme with a muted color scheme. The shower combines three different designs of dark brown and gray tiles reminiscent of sand and shells, while soft blue-gray walls suggest the sea.

Shower tiles adapted to your space

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (13)

This spacious bathroom has many premium features including a huge sink and luxurious bathtub. Large rectangular tiles on the walls and floor balance the proportions of the room and create a smooth visual flow.

Go gold with a sparkling mosaic wall

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (14)

Add a touch of vintage charm to your bathroom by creating a luxurious wall accent. Gold leaf mosaic wall tiles bring sparkle and shine and add chic elegance. It is also a clever way to achieve the illusion of light in an indoor bathroom.

Draw attention with slim hexagonal tiles

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (15)

Hexagonal tiles are very popular right now, but they don't suit every design style. If you have a more modern aesthetic, these two-tone elongated hexagon tiles offer a modern twist on the trend. They are also ideal for narrow rooms and can be used to create the illusion of a larger space.

cover all angles

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (16)

This contemporary bathroom features some striking rectangular elements, including a floating sink, shelves and mirrors. The underground tile that surrounds the shower wall is the same shape throughout the bathroom. The overall effect is crisp, sharp and modern.

Create exotic vignettes with eye-catching mosaic frames

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (17)

Arabesque mosaic is widely used in modern design, but also has its origins in classical Arabic styles. This Moroccan-influenced mosaic insert adds visual texture thanks to its earthy brown tones and rounded pattern.

Be bold with contrasting tile patterns

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (18)

This eclectic bathroom features a variety of patterns, from a striped shower curtain to tiled wallpaper to a floral mosaic pattern on the floor. Simple underground tiles and a limited color palette keep the design from looking overcrowded or overdone.

Building solid design ideas with cement bricks

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (19)

This contemporary bathroom combines elegant ceramic elements with rough-cut concrete tiles. Introducing unexpected elements like this gives the space an edgy, industrial feel, but the abundance of natural light keeps it from feeling too monotonous.

Add visual texture with decorative tile inserts

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (20)

Large marble tiles in the shower add a European touch to this bathroom, while Italian Carrara basket-weave inserts complete the theme. Subtle gray veins in the larger marble blocks are reflected in the inlays, ensuring continuity.

Amaze everyone with your design possibilities

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (21)

If your bathroom is small, you don't have to run away from the pattern. But instead of placing them on the wall, combine bold tile patterns with plain walls. It adds style and dynamism while creating the illusion of space.

Colorful shower wall mosaic pattern

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (22)

The warm orange hue in this design is a less traditional choice for a bathroom, but the narrow vertical tiles that flow from the wall perfectly evoke the image of falling water, making it a smart idea.

play with unusual color combinations

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (23)

This bathroom combines elegant black shower tiles with a soft lilac wall color for an interesting balance between traditionally masculine and feminine colors. Sparkling silver chrome elements combine the cool tones of each shade.

Artificial wood wall tiles with a modern rustic look

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (24)

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Faux wood wall tiles are a great way to add rich tone and texture to your interior. Unlike solid wood, they tolerate moisture well, moist air that can accumulate in the bath or shower. The natural light in this room prevents the dark tones from becoming too strong.

Contrasting fabrics with bold accents

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (25)

Installing a smaller shower with predominantly white tiles is a great way to make it feel brighter and more spacious, while adding a bit of contrasting color to tell the design story. Black stripes on the walls and a floral print on the floor are simple but daring style elements.

modern shower design style

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (26)

A long, narrow bathroom can seem cramped. The same modest tile is used throughout the space, making it feel more spacious and luxurious. Large cement tiles in cool gray tones help to reinforce the proportions that divide the space.

Install wall-to-wall tiles for an unusual wet room

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (27)

This clever wet room uses ceramic tiles to enhance its unusual function. White subway tiles line the walls and cover the built-in shelves, benches and curved ceiling.

repeating tile pattern throughout the bathroom

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (28)

This Moroccan-inspired bathroom features a hexagonal mosaic wall-mounted shower in rich earth tones. The pattern repeats next to the mirror, which helps create continuity throughout the space.

Pure sublime Scandinavian design

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (29)

This elegant bathroom embodies Scandinavian style with its open design and light, airy colors. The dark brown texture on the marble shower wall works well with the neutral faux wood tiles. Plants adorn the open shelves, adding a natural element.


65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (30)

Large rectangular tiles in dark brown tones serve as an elegant backdrop for the double mosaic walls in this modern bathroom. Small squares around the edge of the mirror are a stylish element that complements the details of the mosaic.

Meet expectations by changing direction

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (31)

While white subway tiles are a common feature in bathrooms, they are often installed horizontally. These vertical subway tiles change this common design paradigm. This is a great trick to use in bathrooms with low ceilings as it elongates the space.

Use classic patterns for a timeless look

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (32)

Arranging tile patterns into geometric shapes is a tricky proposition. Although it looks trendy right now, there are some trendy styles that never go out of style. Herringbone patterns are considered classic, whether on clothing or tiles, like this large shower.

Use a custom mosaic to highlight features

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (33)

This elegant and modern shower has two built-in niches for storing toiletries. A stylish gray mosaic pattern on the back helps them stand out. The adjacent shower wall has a larger pattern in the same tile pattern.

Design visual textures using Layers mode

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (34)

This bright and spacious bathroom looks very cozy thanks to the various mosaic designs. The shower walls have an elegant white herringbone pattern, while the shower floor is made of smaller square tiles. The neutral tone of the shower floor continues onto the large hexagonal tiles on the master bathroom floor.

subtly divide the space with an ever-changing tile pattern

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (35)

At first glance, this bathroom appears to have the same white subway tile throughout. But on closer inspection, only the tiles in the master bathroom are completely white. The shower tiles have a subtle smoke pattern that helps separate the shower from the rest of the space.

Use mosaics to unify different spaces

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (36)

This large bathroom can appear very undulating due to its segmented design. Wrapping white subway tiles on all walls helps create a sense of flow. The white hexagonal floor also appears in the shower, adding a sense of continuity.

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Bring nature inside with stone tiles

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (37)

Beautiful swirls of neutral browns and grays feature the floor tiles in this relaxing spa-like bathroom. These colors are absorbed by the sandstone tiles on the walls, which are left rough to create a natural texture.

Use pastel tones for an alternative Moroccan style

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (38)

Floor-to-ceiling whitewashed brick walls give this shower a North African feel, especially with the mosaic detailing under the shower head. Gray and white floor tiles and metal garden benches add multiple layers of texture.

Add a pop of color with quirky inserts

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (39)

The large gray tiles in this shower give the room a modern industrial feel. But circle illustrations in various shades of gray and blue add a unique element of style that complements the slanted ceiling.

balance dark wood with cream and white undertones

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (40)

The cream marble tiles on the shower walls and marquetry in this airy bathroom look chic against the crisp white tub and worktops. Meanwhile, a dark wood sink creates a strong contrasting element and sets the stage for the space.

A combination of warm and cold tones

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (41)

This elegant, modern bathroom features large marble tiles in a combination of dark gray and warm gold. This balance of tones, along with the detail and texture of the tiles, gives the feeling of light breaking through the space.

Refresh the terrazzo with this wall application

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (42)

Terrazzo is a composite material that became popular in the 1920s. Although commonly used for flooring, terrazzo can also be used to create striking walls. Black tiles on the floor of the shower cabin and the interior provide a stylish nod to the main wall.

Make monochrome exciting by mixing patterns

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (43)

This subtle salmon colored shower has a stunning visual impact thanks to the contrasting tile pattern. Large rectangular herringbone tiles were used for the shower wall, while small square mosaics were used for a small niche.

know your angle

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (44)

Thanks to the clever use of corners, this shower cabin looks fresh and modern. A floating wall bench and a corner insert complement the rectangular wall tiles. Small square mosaic tiles add texture without losing clarity.

Customize your shower with creative inserts

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (45)

Glossy gray wall tiles give this shower an elegant look, but it's the details that really make it stand out. The gray and blue mosaic tiles provide a subtle contrast, but the herringbone insert is what really sets this shower apart.

Bold bathroom tile design

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (46)

This unique bathroom plays with perception. Graphic blue and white floral tiles run from the floor to the sides of the tub, creating a clean surround effect. A textured wood sink and gold hardware contrast this unexpected feature.

It brings a subtle shimmer to monochromatic colors

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (47)

This monochromatic bathroom is surprisingly elegant thanks to its luxurious finishes. Shiny chrome fixtures complement shimmering gray marble tiles, while silver metal vases add a touch of sparkle.

Use tone and texture to set the mood

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (48)

This ultra-masculine shower unit combines contrasting materials in an attractive way. A faux wood tile wall meets a textured stone wall to create a playful look of natural materials. Solid overhead lighting accentuates dramatic black and gray tones.

Use traditional materials in unconventional ways

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (49)

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Engineered wood floors are popular in bathrooms because they do not warp in wet environments. In this space, artificial wood floors are used to create a feature wall. The panels are longer than traditional wall tiles, which helps make this narrow bathroom look more spacious.

Show off your shower with subtle textures

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (50)

The elegant shower cabin is the heart of this bathroom, literally and figuratively. The horseshoe-shaped wall around the shower is wrapped in understated marble, which complements the textured wallpaper behind the double sink.

Amp up the light with high-gloss finishes

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (51)

The smooth gray glass blocks have a luminous quality thanks to the natural light that filters through this space. The matte metallic finish on the faucet helps anchor the design and adds an earthy feel.

Mix genres for a unique style

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (52)

This bathroom juxtaposes elegant white geometric shower tiles and twinkling gold lights with rustic wooden beams. The contrast of these different styles can create a unique space with lots of character.

Blue tiles bring a view of the beach

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (53)

Swirls in this blue glass mosaic insert provide a sense of movement reminiscent of the ocean. Meanwhile, gray stone wall tiles mimic a sandy beach. The end result is an abstract scene by the sea.

Awaken a strong style with rich shades

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (54)

This shower doesn't shy away from using deep, dark tones for a chic, masculine vibe. Wrapping the shower with staggered mosaic tiles elongates the space, while strips of earth-tone mosaic provide contrast.

some light and color

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (55)

This bathroom makes the most of the skylight, placing it against a stunning wall of graphic blue Tunisian tiles. A mottled gray marble floor and white subway tile ceiling bring subtler textural elements, making this feature wall sparkle.

Fill large spaces with bold patterns

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (56)

This minimalist bathroom may not have too many accessories, but it has a modern design. The freestanding bathtub is perfectly accented with black and white graphic tiles and a dimensional white brick wall. Black powder-coated window frames add an extra strong element of style.

Create a retro atmosphere with a beautiful logo

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (57)

This quirky bathroom evokes the feel of a classic hotel, thanks to the mosaic illustrations arranged like signs. The swirling motif of the logo is reinforced and repeated in the floor of the shower cabin and bathtub.

combine modern tiles with vintage accessories

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (58)

This sleek and modern shower has light gray tiles that capture the natural light streaming in through the windows. Antique showers and retro faucets add a custom element to the design.

customize your style

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (59)

This whimsical bathroom features square wall tiles in shades of gray and blue in different textures, and the theme is carried over to the stylish shower bench. Gray geometric tiles and gold hardware add a stylish contrast.

Show off your tiles with an open shower

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (60)

This large shower is framed to best display the tiles. Brown wall tiles are a neutral color, but their different sizes create an interesting pattern. The multi-colored mosaic in earth tones on the floor of the shower cabin echoes the background above the sink.

Make the most of natural colored light

65 Stunning Shower Tile Ideas for 2023 (61)

The soothing tones of this bathroom enhance the natural light coming in through the windows. Warm shades of gray wall tiles contrast with slatted wooden floors. A waterfall mosaic adds a beautiful focal point.

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What is the most popular shower tile color? ›

White tiles are still the most popular tile color choice, especially for small bathrooms. A light tile color will make your tiny bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

What tile looks best in shower? ›

Porcelain tile is our number-1 choice for showers because of its diversity, durability, and water-resistance. Unlike some other tile materials, porcelain doesn't have any pores, which prevents the buildup of mildew and soap scum.

What style of tile is timeless? ›

Traditional Hexagon Styles

Black and white hexagon mosaic tiles are one of the most timeless tile styles in existence.

What color tile makes a shower look bigger? ›

Go all-white. All-white bathroom designs never go out of style. They also have the added advantage of making the room look bigger as white reflects light better than any other colour. As most bathroom fixtures tend to be white, this also creates a more seamless, unbroken look throughout the space.

What size tile is best for walk in shower? ›

Tile Sizes for Bathrooms
AreaRecommended Sizes
Small shower walls1-inch square to 4-inch square
Moderate or large shower walls4-inch to 15-inch by 30-inch
Bathroom floor1-inch square to 12-inch square, or up to large-format for large bathrooms
Bathroom walls4-inch square up to 12-inch by 24-inch
1 more row
Nov 30, 2022

Is matte or glossy tile better for shower? ›

As matt surfaces have better traction than gloss, they're the obvious choice for flooring – and particularly in bathrooms and wet-rooms. We do not recommend using a gloss tile for flooring in a wet-room or bathroom.

What tiles should not be used in a shower? ›

Stone and porcelain tiles are the best for the shower floor. Avoid glazed ceramic tiles in this spot, as they tend to be slippery. Also, remember that non-vitreous tiles are not suitable for the shower floor. Only impervious or vitreous tiles should be used in the shower area, as they are relatively more waterproof.

What color is best for shower tile and grout? ›

The grout color that's easiest to keep clean is likely to be a neutral shade such as a gray, or a tone of beige. These are super-practical choices for both kitchen and bathroom tile, and will demand less maintenance to stay looking good as new.

What tile makes a bathroom look bigger? ›

Finally, our advice is to use a horizontal floor tile pattern to widen your floor space. Horizontal floor tiles are successful in making the room look less cramped, and making your small bathroom appear that much larger.

What color tile never goes out of style? ›

White Subway Tiles Make a Timeless Bathroom Design

Subway tiles are definitely the number one classic bathroom tiles. It's safe to say that they never go out of style. These tiles are a nice mix of retro and modern, and can give your bathroom the ultimate ageless look.

Is subway tile out of style 2023? ›

Yes, subway tile is still on a list of kitchen backsplash trends, even in 2023. Subway tile was THE trend about 10 years ago, and while it's not quite as hot as it was at the height of the farmhouse trend craze, subway tile is a classic choice that'll always look fresh.

Is travertine still in style 2023? ›

Marble has long led the stone-look market, but in 2023, travertine is having a moment. In fact, according to Crossville, which recently debuted its travertine-inspired Stone Fiction collection, it is the second most specified natural stone behind marble.

How can I make my shower look fancy? ›

Bathroom ideas: How to make a small bathroom look luxurious
  1. Tile diagonally (or to the ceiling) Photo by Mark Reilly Architecture. ...
  2. Add large-scale lighting. ...
  3. Use plants (yes, really) ...
  4. Indulge in classy containers. ...
  5. Incorporate gold and metallic accents. ...
  6. Add an unusual mirror. ...
  7. Hang oversized art. ...
  8. Swap out your shower curtains.

Should shower floor be lighter or darker than walls? ›

As a general rule of thumb, it is best for a bathroom floor to be a darker shade than the accompanying walls and ceiling. However, if your personal preference dictates, you can choose to be adventurous and go against the grain in this regard.

Do bathroom tiles look better vertical or horizontal? ›

When tiles are laid horizontally, and to the ceiling, the bathroom looks wider and more spacious. Compare this to a vertical laid tile, which tends to make the ceilings look taller but the space tighter.

What is the easiest tile to keep clean in a shower? ›

The easiest tiles to keep clean (grout is the big culprit) are polished ceramic and porcelain tiles. The polished finish makes it shiny and easier to wipe down. Just as a semi-gloss paint with a shinier finish is easier to wipe clean than a matte finish paint.

Do bigger tiles make shower look bigger? ›

Using larger floor tiles is a great way to trick the eye and make a room look bigger than it actually is. Larger tiles used throughout the bathroom look a lot less 'busy' than with smaller tiles, which therefore make the room appear larger; the lack of grout lines also makes the whole space appear more expansive.

Is it easier to tile a shower with large or small tiles? ›

Generally, it is easier to install large tile. Large Format Tile that is around 1′ square, 1'x2′, or 5″x36″ in size is usually faster and easier to install than small tile and extra large tile.

Is porcelain or ceramic tile better for showers? ›

The shower

As porcelain is nearly waterproof, porcelain tiles are the best material to use when installing a wet room due to the levels of moisture. Ceramic is perfect to use all over in a standard bathroom especially with the wide choice of designs available including some with anti-slip properties.

Which Colour is best for bathroom tiles? ›

White brightens the interior. It gives a sense of order and lightness. In combination with shiny glaze, it introduces mirror reflections which visually widen the room. White tiles have always been, are, and probably will be one of the most often chosen bathroom colours.

What finish is best for shower walls? ›

The best type of paint for bathrooms is a satin, semi-gloss, or glossy finish with a mildew-resistant additive. Ideally, your chosen paint should last a while. However, if you're set on a flat or matte finish, there are options for you too. Don't forget to clean and prime walls before painting for the best results.

Is accent tile in shower outdated? ›

Some clients have asked: is accent tile in shower outdated? I'd say that depends. If you have never had a shower with an accent strip, then for you the look is still fresh.

Why not to tile a shower? ›

Leaking walls, leaking pans and leaking onto floors below. If you don't realize it, you're taking a BIG risk putting in a tile shower. That big risk is leaking. The grout joints in the wall are porous.

Is it cheaper to tile a shower or buy a surround? ›

Because they are less laborious to install, surrounds are often less expensive than tile. Some high-end materials, however, such as granite, may be more expensive than tiling with some grades of tile.

Should grout be lighter or darker than tile? ›

The shade you pick relies on what you are trying to accomplish in your design. If you want to highlight the pattern your tile creates, a contrasting color is best. If you're trying to unify your tile, such as with a wood look tile floor, go for a close match that's a little bit lighter than your tile.

What color grout hides imperfections? ›

Choosing a grout that is darker in color helps conceal dirt and is less likely to change in color as quickly as a light colored grout. It can also enhance the look of the bathroom, helping light tiles to look even lighter.

Is grey grout better than white? ›

Grey Grout

Softer than a dark grout but much more user-friendly than a white grout, grey is the perfect solution for a kitchen splashback as it will keep looking cleaner for longer. Large white tiles often look better with a grey grout as it will frame the tile.

How can I make my bathroom tile look expensive? ›

Expensive art-inspired spaces use tile in creative ways. For your artsy bathroom, try installing a glass tile backsplash in pretty colors. If you are redecorating your bathroom inexpensively, look for mirrors with colorful tile frames. Match towels and other accessories to your colorful tile accents for a fun new look.

Is it OK to use large tiles in a small bathroom? ›

A small bathroom can actually benefit from a large tile. With fewer grout lines the walls and floor are less cluttered and the room visually expands.

Is it better to fully tile a small bathroom? ›

For smaller bathrooms, the fully tiled look can make the space appear larger. By fully tiling the walls from floor to ceiling, the smaller bathroom can more easily be converted into a wet room at a future stage. Provides a cleaner junction between tiled walls and floors with less fussy detailing.

Which tile pattern has least waste? ›

Brick Tile Pattern

The classic brick lay is a great pattern for DIY as it is the easiest to install and you will have the least cuts or waste.

What bathroom finishes are timeless? ›

Natural stone in a bathroom always looks timeless and classic—and we think it always looks beautiful too. Choosing a marble countertop in white or gray tones can create a crisp, clean, and luxurious feel.

Are grey bathrooms outdated? ›

Grey bathroom tiles have been around for a long time and are still as popular as ever. They give bathrooms an air of sophistication and class, while their neutral tone allows you to add your own personal touches. Plus, grey is timeless—it never goes out of style.

What tile is in 2023? ›

Tile trends for 2023 are all about making a statement. From dramatic geometric patterns to artistic murals, designers are pushing the boundaries of what tile can do. Color is also making a comeback, with fiery reds, earth tones, and rich jewel tones leading the way.

What is tile of the year 2023? ›

Original Style | Inspiration | Paradis Mere is our Tile for the Year for 2023!

What is out of style for 2023? ›

Are high waisted pants out of style 2023? High waist pants are out of fashion for spring 2023 – especially the carrot pants, paper bag pants and palazzo pants. And high waisted pants will be out of style for fall winter 2023/24, too. In fact, the high waist pants were not seen on the fall winter 2023/24 runways.

What is the color of the year for tile 2023? ›

2023 Shingle Color of the Year - Midnight Plum | Owens Corning Roofing.

What are the natural stones trends for 2023? ›

One of the most exciting design trends for 2023 is the incorporation of meditation rooms, zen gardens, and yoga studios into indoor spaces. Ironically, the hardness and durability of granite, marble, and quartzite make these natural stones ideal choices for cultivating a soft, serene aesthetic.

What's new in design in 2023? ›

In 2023, we're seeing graphic designers pull away from minimalist design and monochrome colors to bold and diverse design styles. From Y2K nostalgia to touchable texture, handmade illustrations, and mind-blowing psychedelic elements.

What color makes a shower look bigger? ›

What is the best paint color for a small bathroom? According to basic design principles, light colors such as white, crème, pastel blue, gray or yellow will visually expand a room, while dark colors such as a deep red, green or brown, will make a room feel smaller.

What makes a shower luxurious? ›

Most high-end showers are enclosed in glass and don't have shower curtains. Sitting benches help make the shower as relaxing as the bathtub. Lighting options include lights on dimmers both inside and outside the shower to help set the mood.

What is the best size tile for a shower floor? ›

For shower floors or pans, generally you will want to have smaller sized tiles, from 4 inches by 4 inches down to 1-inch by 1-inch mosaic tiles. The idea is that you need to have tiles small enough so that the tile installer, while laying the mortar bed, can form gentle contours.

What tile is best for shower floor? ›

Glass, glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, and natural stones are all suitable for shower floors. Glass is impervious to water and ceramic tile has a low absorption rate making both good to go for shower floors, including in steam showers.

What tile is always in style? ›

Black and White. The classic black and white tile combo is one of those trends in tile that will never go out of style. For an updated look, think white tile with black grout, or black tile with white grout.

How can I make my bathroom tiles look nice? ›

How To Revive Bathroom Tiles Without Replacing Them
  1. Deep Clean Your Tiles. If you are looking to give your bathroom tiles a makeover, the first place to start is by deep-cleaning them! ...
  2. Paint Your Tiles. Another great way to revive your bathroom tiles is a lick of paint. ...
  3. Shine your bathroom tiles.
Sep 22, 2020

Do bigger tiles look better? ›

Larger tiles will trick the eye and make a room look bigger,rather than smaller. The main reason for this is that larger tiles reduce the 'busy' factor, whereas smaller tiles, such as mosaics (with comparatively more grout lines), will increase how busy the design looks.

What color tiles look bigger? ›

With light coloured tiles like whites or creams, you will open up all the space thanks to the sheer amount of light that will be allowed into the space. Lighter colours also look less busy than dark colours, again helping the room to appear much larger than it actually is.

How do I choose shower grout color? ›

The shade you pick relies on what you are trying to accomplish in your design. If you want to highlight the pattern your tile creates, a contrasting color is best. If you're trying to unify your tile, such as with a wood look tile floor, go for a close match that's a little bit lighter than your tile.

What is the easiest shower tile to keep clean? ›

The easiest tiles to keep clean (grout is the big culprit) are polished ceramic and porcelain tiles. The polished finish makes it shiny and easier to wipe down. Just as a semi-gloss paint with a shinier finish is easier to wipe clean than a matte finish paint.

Should shower grout be light or dark? ›

Generally speaking, white or light grout isn't as forgiving of discolorations and staining, and ends up requiring extra upkeep to make it look good. Darker grouts, on the other hand, can hide typical stains better, but they're more likely to fade or stain from cleaners.

What tile pattern makes a bathroom look bigger? ›

Finally, our advice is to use a horizontal floor tile pattern to widen your floor space. Horizontal floor tiles are successful in making the room look less cramped, and making your small bathroom appear that much larger.

What size tile makes a space look bigger? ›

A 16″ or 18″ tile will generally give a room a larger feeling than a 12″ tile. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of grout lines. The less grout lines, the less busy your floor is and the more expansive it appears. This expansiveness naturally will make your room appear larger.

Is dark grout trendy? ›

Tile with dark grout is becoming increasingly popular in many design styles, from modern farmhouse bathroom walls to minimalistic kitchen backsplashes.

What is a popular grout color? ›

The most popular grout colors for tile are white, gray, black, brown and tan. In fact, if you go to your local tile or home improvement store, you will tend to see only these shades for sale. But, you can certainly get bolder shades for your grout. Grout can be specially ordered in colors such as, red, green and blue.

What color tile is easiest to keep clean? ›

The reason is that bold or solid shades fail to hide stains and dust. The best option is to go with floor tiles with some kind of design on them and are multi-colored, especially if you want to spend less time cleaning them. Some great colors include beige, ash grey, and you can even opt for slightly darker shades.

What is the most popular tile for shower floor? ›

Mosaic tiles are the most popular choice for shower floor tiles. The small size of the individual tiles means they conform to the slope and shape of the shower floor better than a larger tile would. There are also more grout lines present between mosaic tiles, offering much-needed slip resistance in the shower.

How do professionals clean tile in showers? ›

Clean the Tiles and Grout

Professionals apply a combination of warm water and liquid dish soap on the tiles and scrub with a brush. Then wash the spot thoroughly to make it look sparkling clean.


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