Echo Show for Seniors: Best Alexa Device (2023)

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Updated on Aug 13, 2022- An Amazon Echo Show for seniors is the perfect device for anyone who wants to stay connected and ask questions. With its intuitive user interface, smart display and range of features, this smart speaker can help you find information and stay connected on the go.

Amazon's Echo Show is an amazing product for elderly parents and other loved ones! It's just one of many smart Alexa devices on the market today, and we can likely expect more in the coming years.

PC-MagazinWe reviewed 8 Smart Displays for 2022 and voted Amazon Echo Show 8 "Best Overall" and we agree!

In an article aboutTechradar.comwritten in 2019...

Smart voice assistants are already an integral part of many homes. Afterthe most recent statistics, more than 66.4 million people in the US, or 26.2% of the total population, now own a smart speaker.Similar statsin the UK suggest they are almost as popular, with over 22% of households now equipped with a voice-activated device.

Amazon Echo Show is one of the smart home devices that can specifically meet the needs of seniors and other seniors. It has a touchscreen that makes it easy to navigate menus and control the device with touch or voice, plus all the Alexa voice assistant features it offers.

Whether you want help managing medication schedules, grocery deliveries, or just staying connected with your loved ones, the Echo Show is an easy way to manage it all. And since it's from Amazon, you can be sure you'll get regular updates and new features over time.

Is the Echo Show easy to use for seniors?

The Amazon Echo Show is designed to be extremely easy to use, making it a great choice for seniors and other seniors. It is equipped with a touchscreen that simplifies menu navigation and device control by touch or voice control.

BUT I must say that for some seniors it will not be as easy as for others. Keep in mind they haven't used voice controlled tools etc for most of their lives. So don't be put off if you or an elderly loved one needs a little extra exercise.

If you're looking for a personalized assistant that can make your loved one's life easier and safer, the Echo Show could be for you. With its intuitive design and a variety of useful features, it makes an ideal gift for seniors or others who want more convenience in their lives.

Do you need a smartphone to use the Amazon Echo Show?

The Amazon Echo Show works with or without a smartphone. You can set it up with a computer. However, you will need a Wi-Fi setup in your home.

When you set up the Echo Show and tell it where your Wi-Fi network is, it automatically connects to that network without the need for a smartphone or computer.

you can do that tooEcho Show - Anrufewithout a smartphone by adding your landline number.

But while you don't necessarily need a smartphone to set up the Amazon Echo Show (or any Alexa device), you can make it easy for family members to set up on their smartphones. Even if they already have their own Amazon account on their phone.

Here are Amazon's instructions on how to add more accounts.

Is the Echo Show good for older adults?

Is the Amazon Echo Show for seniors? Can it really be a useful tool for them?

The Amazon Echo device can help seniors in many ways. For example, the device can provide information such as the weather, headlines and your daily schedule.

The Echo Show can also act as a virtual assistant, helping you remember important tasks or doctor appointments. You can even add and track a shopping list.

And yes, you can also send an SMS.

In addition, Echo Show can be used to listen to music and watch videos, which can help you have fun. Overall, the Amazon Echo Show is a useful device for seniors that can make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

There are many other ways that Amazon's Echo Show device can make life easier and safer for seniors.

The functions that Alexa devices offer are called skills. In 2022, there are more than 100,000 skills so far. New skills are constantly being added.

Here are a few that I think would be beneficial for older adults.

  • the ability to fallallows you to instantly connect to someone else's Alexa device and act as an intercom. The person you are connecting with must first have given you permission to do so, and then you can "visit" them. You do not need to answer to pass.
  • Video calling is a great way for seniors to combat social isolation and stay in touch with family and friends. With the Echo Show, you can video call others who also have Echo Shows in their own homes. or you canUse Skype on your Echo ShowAlso.
  • Phone calls are also another way to keep in touch. You don't need to use the Echo Show's screen to make a call or remember your phone number. As long as the person you're calling is in your contact list, you can ask Alexa to call them.
  • The ability to show and tell(which is fairly new) allows someone with low vision to hold a box or can of groceries up to the Echo Show's screen and ask, "Alexa, what am I holding?"Ö"Alexa, what's in my hand?"You can ask it to rotate the object or hold it closer and once it reads what the object is it will make a few beeps and let you know what it's holding. It's still not 100% but I have to say it's pretty close!
  • The Alert a Friend skillIt's a great way to ask for help when needed. If you fall down, just say, "Alexa, ask my friend to send help."
  • Alexa Together (formerly known as Alexa Care Hub)It's a skill that can help family members keep up with their elderly loved ones.
  • Use one of the Alexa devices as a speaker in your living room or great room to amplify your TV sound (if you're hard of hearing).
  • Seniors who are Amazon Prime members can view anything available on their Prime account directly on the Echo Show.
  • Some of the other great things you can do are control a smart thermostat, listen to your favorite music, set alarms and reminders.
  • In addition to these video capabilities, the Echo Show can do everything that all other Alexa devices can, which can be awesome for seniors. I've written about 29 great skills that I find useful for older adults:read this article here.

The hardest part about using Alexa devices for seniors (in my opinion) is that they can have a hard time finding and remembering basic voice commands.

Different models of echo shows

There are 4 different Echo Show model sizes.

We always recommend the larger size, the one with the 10.1-inch screen, simply because it's easier for seniors to see what's on the screen.

But now the new 15 inch monitor has been released. So if you're looking for a larger monitor that can be wall-mounted, check out this model.

Where can you buy the Echo Show?

These days, there are a number of places where you can get your own Echo Show in person or online.

To purchase the Echo Show, visit the following online stores:

buy on amazon

Compre na Best Buy

See at Lowe's

Buy at Home Depot

Compre na Overstock– the 8-inch model is available here.

Older generations are often left behind when it comes to new technologies. But the Amazon Echo Show is different: It was designed with seniors in mind. With its large screen and easy-to-use interface, the Echo Show is perfect for anyone who wants to stay connected and informed.

Alexa technology is a revolutionary innovation that has changed the way we interact with our devices. With Alexa-enabled devices like the Amazon Echo Show, seniors can easily access information and stay connected with loved ones with simple voice commands.

The sound quality of the Amazon Echo Show is excellent, so you can easily listen to recipes, news or the weather. In addition, the built-in camera allows seniors to video chat with family and friends no matter where they are.

Whether you're looking for recipes, news or weather, Alexa offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Best of all, the Amazon Echo Show can be easily set up and operated without any prior technical knowledge.

So if you're looking for a way to stay connected and informed, consider an Amazon Echo Show for seniors. You won't be disappointed!


Echo Show for Seniors: Best Alexa Device? ›

Amazon Echo Show 5: The Echo Shoe 5 is smaller than the Show 8 and has more limited capabilities. However, the Echo Show 5 is a great bargain at just $39.99. Amazon Echo Dot: Like the Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot offers a small, streamlined way to access Amazon Alexa's best features.

What is the best Alexa for elderly people? ›

Amazon Echo Show 5: The Echo Shoe 5 is smaller than the Show 8 and has more limited capabilities. However, the Echo Show 5 is a great bargain at just $39.99. Amazon Echo Dot: Like the Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot offers a small, streamlined way to access Amazon Alexa's best features.

Is Echo good for elderly? ›

Alexa for seniors with dementia

Virtual assistants like Alexa can be a useful tool for seniors with Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia. For example, Alexa can assist seniors with music therapy by providing an easy way to play music. Seniors simply need to ask Alexa to play the song they want to hear.

What can Alexa do to help the elderly? ›

Smart Appliances

With Alexa's voice commands, seniors can simply call out and have Alexa control the lights or adjust smart appliance settings. Seniors with smart technology can control the thermostat, turn on the TV, adjust the oven temperature, monitor security systems, and more.

How do I set up Echo for elderly parents? ›

Set up an Echo Show with your loved one
  1. Plug in the device to start setup.
  2. Tap the screen and select a language.
  3. Select your loved one's home Wi-Fi network name from the list of available networks.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi password, then tap Done in the bottom right corner.
Sep 23, 2022

What is better Alexa or Echo? ›

Many people use the names Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo interchangeably but there is a difference between the two. The short answer to this is: Alexa is just the AI service and not the product. On the other hand, Amazon echo is the physical device that is used to interact with Alexa.

Does Alexa have fall detection? ›

Add compatible third-party fall handling or fall detection devices to your Alexa Together account. Note: You can only add fall detection devices after purchasing and activating an Alexa Together subscription. Follow manufacturer instructions to set up your fall detection device.

How much is Alexa for seniors? ›

Alexa Together is a subscription that offers all of Alexa's standard features, plus a 24/7 urgent- response center and alerts and tools for caregivers — all for $19.99 per month. Alexa Together offers robust features and peace of mind for seniors and their family members alike.

How do you monitor elderly parents? ›

If you're looking for a monitoring system for elderly parents/relatives, here are the most popular options available:
  1. Grandparent Monitors. The grandparent monitor is a popular senior monitoring system. ...
  2. Baby Monitors For Dementia Patients. ...
  3. Motion Sensors and Wearables. ...
  4. Fall Monitor for Elderly Adults. ...
  5. AllsWell Alert.
Mar 19, 2022

Are Alexa devices allowed in nursing homes? ›

REGARDLESS of the facilities policies you cannot use a device that reveals voice or face or any other identifying characteristic without consent of any roommates TO the nursing home not you.

What happens if you yell help to Alexa? ›

Alexa attempts to call and text your emergency contact when you or someone in your house says, "Alexa, call for help." Alexa attempts to call and text your emergency contact when you or someone in your house says, "Alexa, call for help."

How do I guard my house with Alexa? ›

How to Set Up Alexa Guard
  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. ...
  2. Then tap the More tab. ...
  3. Next, select Settings.
  4. Then scroll down and tap Guard.
  5. Next, tap Set Up Sound Detection.
  6. Then tap the slider next to the alerts you want to enable. ...
  7. Finally, tap Done.
Jan 25, 2023

How do I use Alexa for memory? ›

You can also ask Alexa to remind you where you put things. Say, "Alexa, remember that I put my phone on the nightstand," "Remember that I put the chicken in the downstairs freezer," or, "Remember that I put my keys in the kitchen drawer."

How do I get my elderly parents to listen? ›

Five Ways to Get your Elderly Parent to Listen to You
  1. Let your parent be right. ...
  2. Find out what they are protecting, and get on their side. ...
  3. Agree with your parents that they don't need any help. ...
  4. Offer to pay for the services yourself. ...
  5. Shake up the old dynamic.

Can you use Echo Show without a cell phone? ›

Unfortunately, it's not possible to set up the Echo Show without a smartphone. The smart speaker is connected to the Alexa app and the app itself is used to change some of the more advanced settings.

How do I call my mom's Echo from my Echo? ›

You can test this even before delivering to your Mom's house.
  1. Move your Mom's Echo Show to another room to reduce audio feedback. ...
  2. On your Echo Show say “Alexa, call Mom” (or whatever name or nickname you put in your Alexa Contacts). ( ...
  3. Your Mom's Echo Show should offer her the option to answer.
Jun 12, 2020

How much does Alexa cost per month? ›

A: There is no monthly fee to use your Alexa/Echo device. However, if you want to listen to specific songs by a specific artists, you will be prompted to start a music unlimited subscription.

Do I need both Alexa and Echo? ›

Can You Use An Echo Dot Without Alexa? Technically, you're going to need to use Alexa in order to use any Echo smart speaker or display. This includes the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and any other Echo device. However, this shouldn't be an issue for you.

What happens if you tell Alexa there's an intruder? ›

By enabling, this skill can be accessed on all your available Alexa devices. If you think there is an intruder in your house this skill uses Alexa to make them think twice and encourages them to leave. Alexa pretends to turn on audio and video recording and also pretends to call the Emergency Services.

Can Alexa listen out for burglars? ›

Unlike traditional security and alarm systems, Alexa isn't monitored and can't prevent or actively dissuade a would-be intruder from breaking in, nor can it summon help.

Can I use Echo Show for security? ›

If you enable Amazon's Home Monitoring option on your Echo Show, you can use that device as a security camera. You can view its camera footage remotely in a way that's different from and slightly more discreet than using the Drop In feature.

What is the best Alexa price? ›

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker price in India starts from ₹ 7,999. The lowest price of Amazon Echo Smart Speaker is ₹ 7,999 at Amazon on 20th May 2023.

Can you make a phone call to Alexa? ›

Yes, with Alexa-to-Alexa calling, you can call compatible Echo devices or a smartphone with the Alexa app. You can also call most mobile or landline numbers in the US, Canada, and Mexico for free.

What age group uses Alexa? ›

1 digital secretary, their rates of adoption differ significantly across age groups. Siri dominates among adult Gen Zers, with 60% of US voice assistant users ages 18 to 24 using the software from Apple. Meanwhile, Alexa is most popular among the senior set, with 41% of those ages 65 and older using the Amazon service.

How often should I see my elderly mother? ›

There is no standard answer to how often you should visit elderly relatives. It is a very personal situation and one which is difficult to quantify. Many factors come into play such as distance, childhood experiences, sibling dynamics and more.

What is the best check in service for seniors? ›

The best check-in service for seniors is Community Phone's Caregiver Plan. It offers many features to ensure elderly loved ones stay safe and healthy. This plan includes daily phone calls to check in on the senior's well-being and personalized reminders for medication and other vital tasks.

What is the best indoor camera to monitor elderly people? ›

Easy-to-Use Elderly Monitoring Cameras

The products Reolink Argus 2E and E1 Pro are both great options as elderly monitoring cameras for you. Reolink Argus 2E rechargeable battery security camera is a totally wire-free in home camera for senior citizens, which can be moved from room to room based on your needs.

Can Alexa be kept in bathroom? ›

A: It's neither waterproof nor water-resistant, but lots of people do have an Echo device in the bathroom. They seem to be fine as long as you protect them from splashes or immersion in water.

Can you monitor someone with an Alexa? ›

With Home Monitoring enabled on your Echo Show, you can configure routines that trigger when it detects a person. For example, you can have Alexa turn on smart devices whenever a person walks into a room. To set up occupancy routines: Open the Alexa app.

Can you have an Alexa in your bathroom? ›

Keep Alexa away from your toilet

If you can, mount it on a wall with a sticky strip or a nail. Just make sure it's secure so it doesn't fall, and remember to place it near an outlet so you can plug it in. Also, keep it away from the bathtub (duh!).

Can my Alexa say cuss words? ›

Create a Routine

Using the Routine function, you can get Alexa to swear by triggering it through certain commands. To set a swearing routine for Alexa, open your Alexa app for iOS or Android and tap More > Routines. Next, tap the + and type the name for your new routine, such as "Alexa swearing."

What happens if you say guard to Alexa? ›

Now when you activate Guard, either by voice or through the app, Alexa will listen or look for any triggering sounds or motions. If any activity is detected, you can listen to the sound and drop in on your Alexa device to monitor for further noises.

How do I turn off Neighbours Alexa? ›

Think of them as network bridges that keep everything connected. In terms of data, Amazon says that the maximum bandwidth shared between neighbors is small.
In the Alexa app
  1. On your phone, open the Alexa app and tap More. ...
  2. Select Settings and then tap Account Settings. ...
  3. Tap Amazon Sidewalk and tap Disable.
Oct 15, 2021

Can you use Alexa as a security camera? ›

To use your Echo Show device as a security camera first make sure to turn on Home Monitoring directly on Echo Show 8. Start on your Echo Show Device: Swipe down from the top of screen and select Settings. Tap Camera and set the Home Monitoring toggle to On.

Why does Alexa randomly turn lights on? ›

Disable the "Automatic Actions". SECTION (2): Alexa's "Guard" feature. Guard is more of a security feature which can turn lights on and off to make it seem as if the house is occupied. To check the settings for this feature, Go to the Alexa app->More->Settings->Guard.

Can Alexa remember your name? ›

You can train Alexa to better recognize you by creating a Voice ID. After you set up your ID, Alexa can call you by your name and deliver personalized results based on your voice. Alexa can even distinguish your voice from those of other people in the house.

What do you tell Alexa to read your mind? ›

Alexa, Read My Mind.”

What do you say to get Alexa to read your mind? ›

Alexa, open Mind Reader.” ”Alexa, use Mind Reader to read my mind.”

How do you talk so seniors will listen? ›

  1. Allow extra time for older patients.
  2. Minimize visual and auditory distractions.
  3. Sit face to face with the patient.
  4. Don't underestimate the power of eye contact.
  5. Listen without interrupting the patient.
  6. Speak slowly, clearly and loudly.
  7. Use short, simple words and sentences.

Why am I so impatient with my elderly mother? ›

No matter how much you love your mom, it is normal to feel impatient and angry about the changes that aging triggers. If you are personally involved in her care, you may feel particularly frustrated with the way her needs interfere with your life. Guilt. You also are likely to feel guilty as your parent ages.

How do you deal with an aging parent who won't listen? ›

Tips For Aging Parents That Won't Listen – What To Do
  1. Accept the situation. ...
  2. Blame It on the Kids (That Would Be You) or the Grandkids. ...
  3. Decide how Important the Matter Is. ...
  4. Don't Beat Yourself Up. ...
  5. Find an Outside Outlet for Your Feelings. ...
  6. Think Ahead. ...
  7. Treat Them Like the Adults They Are.

Will Echo Show work without wifi? ›

If you do not have Wi-Fi in your home, or if you are planning on heading out for a vacation, you can still use your Alexa as a Bluetooth device with a bit of preparation. There are two ways to use Alexa without Wi-Fi: Use a mobile hotspot. Connect Alexa via Bluetooth.

How do you call someone who has an Echo Show? ›

These instructions apply to both Android and iOS with the screenshots reflecting the iOS version of the Alexa app.
  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Tap Communicate.
  3. Tap Call.
  4. Tap the name of the device you want to call.
  5. Take the call like any other call.
Aug 18, 2022

Do you have to have an Amazon account to use Echo Show? ›

You need an Amazon account to use Alexa, but you don't need Amazon Prime(Opens in a new window). Sign in on the app. Then click More on the lower right and select Add a Device.

Does Alexa find my phone cost money? › Find My Phone Unlimited : Alexa Skills. Then $4.99/month. Cancel anytime.

Can Alexa send a text message? ›

You can use your voice to send and read text messages with Alexa. Echo Auto (1st Gen) Text messaging is supported with Android only. Echo Auto (2nd Gen) Text messaging is supported on iOS and Android.

Why won t Alexa answer incoming calls? ›

You can solve most calling issues by: Confirming your device is connected to the Internet. Making sure that you have the latest version of the Alexa app. Using the Alexa app to verify that Alexa heard you correctly.

What is the best smart speaker for old people? ›

Best smart speaker
  • Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Amazon's two main smart speakers are the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. ...
  • Google Nest Audio. Google Nest and Nest Mini broadly correspond to the Echo and Echo Dot. ...
  • Apple HomePod and HomePod Mini. ...
  • Sonos One. ...
  • Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. ...
  • Amazon Echo Show. ...
  • Roomba vacuum cleaner. ...
  • Hive.

What is the best replacement of Alexa? ›

Google Assistant now has almost as many capabilities as Alexa, making the $50 Google Nest Mini a solid alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot if Google Assistant is your preference. Plus, per our tests, Google Assistant is slightly smarter than Alexa.

What are the voice assistants for older adults? ›

Currently, the most common VA technologies are Alexa via Amazon Echo, Siri via Apple HomePod, and Google Assistant via Google Home. All of the devices listed above are great tools. If your patient is already familiar with and uses Apple devices, I tend to lean towards the Apple HomePod.

What's the difference between a smart speaker and a Bluetooth speaker? ›

It's pretty easy to distinguish Bluetooth speakers from smart speakers. Smart speakers are connected to your Wi-Fi network and operate via voice commands, while Bluetooth speakers are portable and pair with your phone.

Is Google Nest good for seniors? ›

With Google Nest and Home speakers, seniors can stay connected to their friends and family. This article will help you assist a family member or friend with setting up their speaker and share tips on how to use some of its most popular features.

Is Alexa better than Google or is Google better than Alexa? ›

Google Home: Verdict. Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa are excellent smart home platforms, and whichever one you pick, it'll be available in a wide range of different affordable or premium speakers. We recommend going with Alexa if you want the most home integrations.

How many Alexa can you have in one house? ›

There's no limit. To manage your devices, in the Alexa app go to Settings and select the name of your Alexa device. If you want, you can change the name of your Alexa device by visiting 2.

Can a Neighbour connect to my Alexa? ›

Alexa only recognizes your voice on someone else's device if you're connected through Guest Connect. Alexa will disconnect your account from the Echo device when you leave the location, or a guest can say "Alexa, disconnect my account" to disconnect. Your account can automatically connect next time you're nearby.

What is one of the most popular voice assistants right now? ›

Amazon Alexa is probably the most popular of the personal assistants. It is the assistant that made assistants a thing.

How can I keep my voice younger as I age? ›

5 Steps to Keeping the Aging Voice Healthy
  1. Be Aware. Content. Knowledge is power. ...
  2. Maintain Your Overall Health. Content. ...
  3. Practice Good Vocal Hygiene. Content. ...
  4. Use It or Lose It. Content. ...
  5. Voice Therapy. Content.
Jun 9, 2022

What is the most used voice assistant? ›

In 2022, Google continues to lead in number of voice assistant users, likely due to sales growth of Google Home, Nest Home, and Android devices. Amazon will be a close second, with Apple trailing closely behind.


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