How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (2023)

After you've baked some goodies, it's time to turn off the oven. But after thinking about it, you might be confused how to turn it off exactly.

You can also get confused if you've already pressed the correct button but the oven is still on. So we did extensive research to find the answers.

To turn off the KitchenAid oven, you typically press the Lower Oven Off/Cancel, Upper Oven Off/Cancel, or Off Off buttons to stop each oven function.

Turning off the KitchenAid oven does not remove the time display, timer, control lock and Sabbath settings, so you must turn them off separately.

If your oven doesn't turn off after pressing the buttons as instructed, here's what you need to fix:

  • defective control board
  • Baking or grilling damaged
  • Temperature control thermostat malfunction.
  • Problems with the relay board

Still not sure what to do exactly? Turning off your KitchenAid Oven might seem simple, but troubleshooting if it won't turn off after following the instructions above can be a little tricky without further explanation. We've rounded up everything you need to learn and do, so read on!

How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (1)

Turn off a KitchenAid oven

ForClearof your KitchenAid oven, all you have to do is press the pads. For double door oven models, press Cancel/Disable Lower Oven, Cancel/Disable Upper Oven, and Cancel/Disable.

But for individual port ranges, press cancel/hang up. However, please note that these clicks will not disable your other features such as time display, control lock, and sabbatical.

How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (2)

(Video) How to repair a gas oven - Troubleshooting, won't light stay on or heat up

To disable one, do the following:

  • Time display: Click and hold the Clock Set/Home button for at least five seconds.
  • Controls Lock: Press and hold Controls Lock on the numeric keypad 3 for at least three seconds.
  • Sabbath mode: Open the oven doors and press Cancel/Off Upper Oven or Cancel/Off. Then click the number keys 7, 8, 9, and 6 again, and then click the Upper Oven Abort/Off or Abort/Off button. Eventually the message “SAb OFF” will appear, so you must press the Cancel/Off button again before closing the oven doors.

After you've done all of this, the oven indicators and other settings should turn off.

How to troubleshoot your KitchenAid oven if it won't turn off

How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (3)

An oven that won't turn off can be a big problem. However, many owners often experience this as well. Before troubleshooting your KitchenAid cooktop, disconnect the power source at the fuse box. Also, wear protective gloves as a safety precaution.

Once you've done that, here's oneTroubleshootingGuide you can consult:

defective control board

A shorted or faulty control board will continue to send voltage to the oven's heating circuits, such as B. the grill and the grill elements, which means that the stove cannot be switched off.

To determine if this is the problem, do the following:

  1. remove thatback panel, that is the triangular tip by unscrewing it.
  2. Check the wires, fuses, buttons, dials, and switches on the control board. Look for frayed wires or black fogged glass covers for your fuse. Also check your dashboard for other signs of wear.
  3. Disconnect wires and replace control board.

replace oneSwitchboard:

  1. Unscrew the control board mounting screws to remove it.
  2. Install your new control board by connecting its wires as if the old control board's wires were connected.
  3. Use the old board overlay for new control boards without an overlay.
  4. Screw the control board tight.
  5. Replace the back panel of your oscilloscope.
  6. Reconnect power to your oven to test if it turns off.

Baking or grilling damaged

How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (4)

In addition to your control board, your baking and grilling circuits can be shorted out. The grilling element is at the bottom of the oven while the grilling element is at the top.

(Video) Whirlpool double oven turn off

These elements will be damaged if there is a short circuit. What you want to look for is chunks or bubbles that have been baked and grilled. To determine if this is causing your issue, do the following:

  1. Remove the rear panel and terminal block cover out of reach. The triangular center panel is the back panel, while the block cover is the bottom square, attached with two screws. Unscrew them to continue.
  2. Disconnect the wires from the grill and grill elements at the back of the cooker.
  3. spreadMultimeter, check the continuity of the heating element connections. These terminals are two pieces of metal connected by two wires.

How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (5)How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (6)

Check out this multimeter on Amazon.

4. If you cannot access the back of the oven, remove the grill and grilling elements.

First, rotate the multimeter dial by inserting the red and black wires into the slots of the same color. Then use the lowest ohm range available, which is typically 200 ohms.

5. Test by placing one end of the multimeter cable on the element connector while the other end touches the back of the oven. If you find continuity, replace the grill and grill elements as you should have a short.

How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (7)How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (8)

Check out this Kitchenaid Oven baking item on Amazon.

Temperature control thermostat malfunction.

If your stove's thermostat is overheating, the thermostat that controls your stove's temperature can constantly call for more heat, causing your stove to burn constantly.

Thermostats are usually located behind the temperature dial, making them easy to find. Here's what to do to check if it's broken:

(Video) Oven Thermal Fuse - Testing & Replacement | Repair & Replace

  1. Remove the top and back of your oven.
  2. Locate the thermostat behind the temperature controller.
  3. Keep in mind where the wires are placed to connect your thermostat.
  4. Disconnect your cables.
  5. Use a multimeter to test the thermostat.
  6. If there is continuity after testing the thermostat with a multimeter, replace the thermostat.


  1. Remove the clips from the capillary tube that hold it securely to the back of the instrument.
  2. Remove the capillary tube behind the oven that is connected to the thermostat by a cable.
  3. Assemble your new thermostat by screwing it together. Then reinsert the temperature controller.
  4. Connect the new capillary tube to the oven.
  5. Reconnect the wires to your oven's thermostat.
  6. Attach the back panel and the top plate and switch on the oven with the main switch.

How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (9)How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (10)

Check out this oven thermostat on Amazon.

Problems with the relay board

A faulty relay board will not stop sending voltage to the oven heating elements.

If your heating element is fine but the oven won't turn off, that could be the problem, so consider replacing it by doing itThose:

  1. Unscrew the lower back panel.
  2. Disconnect the wires from the relay board.
  3. Remove the relay control board mounting screws.
  4. Attach your new relay board.
  5. Reconnect the wires to the relay board in the same way as the old board.
  6. Replace the back panel and turn on your oven using the switch.

How to turn off the fan on a KitchenAid oven

Usually,The convection fanIt turns off automatically and you don't need to turn it off manually after using the device.

They should also work after the oven is turned off, as they help keep the oven from getting too hot after use. therefore youshould notand you cannot turn it off as it helps keep your area running smoothly.

How do I turn off a KitchenAid after a power outage?

Switch off the KitchenAid appliance at the main switch, if available.Energy deficiencyfor at least a minute. Then turn it on using the circuit breaker to see if your oven is still displaying an F9 or F9 E0 error code. When the error code goes away, your range will return to normal.

How much does it cost to repair a KitchenAid oven?

How to Shut Down a Kitchenaid Oven [Inc. Troubleshooting when it won't turn off] - Kitchen Seer (11)

KitchenAid oven repaircost$150 to $400 on average. The most common cost for ovens is generally $200 to replace the heating elements.

(Video) EASY FIX: Oven Not Heating or Heating Slowly - *TURN OFF The Power Before Repairing!

On the other hand, replacing fans costs as little as $100 while replacing controller boards can cost as much as $600.

The end

Normally you can turn off the Kitchenaid oven by pressing the Lower Oven Off/Cancel, Upper Oven Off/Cancel or Off Off button.

However, if you also want to disable the time display, stopwatch, controller lock, and Sabbath mode, follow the specific instructions.

If you find that your cooker won't shut down after following the necessary instructions, it's time to troubleshoot your oven by checking the control panel, grill and grill elements, thermostat, and relay circuit board.

If one of them is faulty, you can fix it by replacing it. You can also hire an expert or your manufacturer to replace them for you.

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Why won t my KitchenAid oven turn off? ›

Sometimes, if the heating element burns out, it can short out to the inside of the oven. If the heating element has shorted out, the oven will not turn off. Often, if the bake element has shorted out, it will be visibly damaged. Inspect the heating element for holes or blisters.

How do I reset the control panel on my Kitchenaid oven? ›

Look for "Control Lock" on the oven control console, then reset by, typically, pushing & holding for 3 seconds.

What happens if your oven won't turn off? ›

The most common causes of the issue are a fault with the control board or a damaged heating element. The easiest cause to diagnose is to simply inspect the heating elements, where you should be able to see if they are damaged.

Why does my Kitchenaid oven fan keep running? ›

It's normal for the automatic cooling fan to run when the oven is in use and/or after the cycle completes. The automatic cooling fan helps to cool the enclosed oven cavity and the electronic controls when the oven is in use and/or after the cycle completes.

Why does my oven fan stay on after I turn it off? ›

Why does the fan on my oven keep running after I have turned it off? The fan you can hear is actually a cooling fan which is located behind the control panel. This will continue to run for a while after the oven has been turned off to assist the cooling process.

How do you turn a KitchenAid oven off? ›

To Turn Off/On: Press and hold STOP TIME for 5 seconds. On some models, a tone will sound and “Snd Lo” will appear on the oven display for 3 seconds.

How do I reset my oven control panel? ›

Turn the circuit breaker to the OFF position or remove the fuse. Wait one minute, then turn the circuit breaker back to the ON position or install the fuse to reset power to the unit. This should reset the electronic controls on the range or wall oven.

What causes oven control panel not working? ›

One of the top causes of an electronic oven control board failure is power surge damage. An electrical power surge is often caused by a close lightning strike during an electric storm. Power surges can also be caused by power outages, electrical grid overloads, utility service provider load shifting and wind storms.

Why is my oven fan continuously running? ›

The cooling fan will continue to run while the oven detects warm air in the cavity. There is no way to deactivate the cooling fan as it is in place for safety, without the cooling fan the handle and front glass would become warm during use. The cooling fan should only run for an hour after you've finished cooking.

Can leaving the oven on cause a fire? ›

The most likely scenario is that food will burn or smoke, causing damage to the oven and potentially setting off the smoke alarm. However, if you leave the oven on for an extended period, the heat can build up and start a fire.

How much does it cost to replace an oven control board? ›

Control boards cost $150 and $300, all-in, to repair. The control board is responsible for all of your oven's key functions.

Is it normal for fan to keep running after turned off? ›

It's normal for some vehicles to have a fan run for a few minutes after the car is shut off, generally to keep the engine cool. However, if the fan is running for an extended period, the fan itself can become damaged due to overuse.

Should the fan stay on in a fan oven? ›

This is perfectly normal – the fan can run for up to two hours after cooking. Do Not turn the Oven Off at the wall, this may cause the Oven to overheat and trip the safety thermostat or Or melt the components internally.

How do I know if my oven fan is broken? ›

Before you go about disassembling your oven, first make sure that the fan is working. Switch on the oven and place your hand at the back; if you feel the cold air blowing and if you can observe the thermostat light, then the element is definitely at fault.

Why does fan stay on when heat is off? ›

If your HVAC fan keeps running but there's no heat, your fan limit switch may be set to manual override. Follow these troubleshooting steps: Locate your fan limit switch and check to see if the white knob (see pic below) is pressed in. If so, your switch is set to manual override, or “always running” mode.

How do I turn off the cooling fan in my oven? ›

To turn off oven fans:

Turn off the convection fan. On electric ovens, select Bake Mode to take the oven out of Convection Mode. On Gas Ranges, turn the convection fan off using the Fan switch above the oven door.

How long does it take for an oven fan to turn off? ›

It is normal for the oven fan in the control panel to run until the oven is cool. This could take 15 minutes up to even 2 hours, depending on how hot the oven was. On some models, the fan will come on immediately.

Does cancel button Turn off oven? ›

use the cancel button. It is the stop button to turn off timer as well. It is always good to double check the oven again in 5 or 10 minutes because last night I was pretty sure I hit cancel when done but it was still going so I think I only turned my timer off! Enjoy your oven.

How do I turn off the power to my oven? ›

For an electric range, just flip the breaker switch. It draws so much power it will have it's own circuit. Or pull it out from the wall and unplug it, but that's harder.

How do I get my oven off demo mode? ›

The word 'demo' will appear in the display. Simply press and hold the oven light button for 5 seconds to get the oven to come out of demo mode.

How do you troubleshoot an oven? ›

  1. Check the position of the oven and stove knobs. ...
  2. Use an oven thermometer to determine the temperature difference. ...
  3. Consider replacing an electric oven's heating element. ...
  4. Clean the igniter on a gas stove. ...
  5. Check the temperature sensor. ...
  6. Consult the owner's manual if a digital oven is displaying error codes.
May 12, 2022

What is oven control lockout? ›

The Gas/Control Lockout feature on a Gas Range or Dual Fuel Range disables the surface burners and oven. The oven control panel is locked so pressing the buttons/pads does not activate the controls. Gas flow is stopped to both the cooktop burners and the oven.

Do oven switches have a fuse? ›

There is not a separate fuse or the cooker side of the switch, so if the socket on the cooker panel beside the switch is working then its not the wiring that is faulty.

Is there a separate fuse in the oven? ›

If the range or oven is receiving power but doesn't work, the unit may have its own fuse or circuit breaker assembly. This assembly is usually located under the cooktop of the range.

How do you restart a sensor? ›

To reset a sensor, turn the device over and look for the circle on the back labeled "RESET" (See photo below). Insert a paperclip or other thin wire through the label to make a hole, and depress the reset button. You'll feel it 'click' when it is depressed. The sensor will reset and rejoin the network.

How do you reset a sensor? ›

The reset of the sensor is a tool used when the sensor is not working to normal capacity. This feature isn't typically used until the irregularity of the sensor.
How to reset the sensor
  1. Tap on the Menu icon.
  2. Tap on My Sensor.
  3. Select the sensor line and tap.
  4. Tap on the Reset Sensor or Clear Sensor.

Why is oven indicator light won't turn off? ›

If the red light remains on, the problem is a short circuit in the control switch that remains connected. If the light is off, then the disconnected control is at fault and must be replaced. Before you continue, disconnect the stove and turn off the breaker again.

Why does my oven keep running? ›

If an oven thermostat fails, it may cause the oven fan to run continuously. The high limit thermostat sends voltage to the oven fan as the oven heats up. If the high limit thermostat is defective, it may keep sending voltage to the oven fan after the oven has cooled down.

What does it mean when your stove won't turn off? ›

Possible Cause: Faulty Surface Element

A short in the surface element might cause the burner to not shut-off properly. If the electrical contacts have fused together, creating a constant voltage to the burner, your surface element will need to be replaced.

Is there a reset button on a KitchenAid? ›

Using the Control Panel and Reset Function

Press the “hi-temp scrub” and “energy saver dry” buttons one after the other until each button has been pressed 5 times. These buttons may also be called “hi-temp” or “heated dry” or something similar depending on your model.

Should the oven fan run continuously? ›

The cooling fan may run throughout the entire bake cycle and continue even when the oven is off. This is considered normal operation.

Why does my electric stove stay on when I turn it off? ›

It is normal for the surface burners on an electric range or cooktop to cycle on and off. This is true for electric coil burners as well as radiant burners on a smooth glass cooking surface. This is done to maintain an even temperature at the heat selection that has been chosen.

Why is my electric stove always on high? ›

What goes wrong when an electric cooktop coil stays on that high temperature is that the flow of electricity isn't getting cycled properly. When this happens, it is usually because the infinite switch, the part that controls the flow of electricity to the coil, is malfunctioning.

What is an infinite switch on a stove? ›

An infinite switch, simmerstat, energy regulator or infinite controller is a type of switch that allows variable power output of a heating element of an electric stove. It is called "infinite" because its average output is infinitely variable rather than being limited to a few switched levels.

How do I know if my oven thermostat is broken? ›

Make sure the multimeter is calibrated and then turn the dial to the lowest ohm rating. Place the multimeter on the thermostat. If the thermostat has a reading of zero or as close to zero as possible, it is working fine. However, if it has no reading at all, your oven thermostat is faulty and will need replacing.

How do I reset my KitchenAid control board? ›

To reset the dishwasher control panel, it needs to be disconnected from the power source for one minute. If your dishwasher is plugged into an outlet, simply unplug the unit for one minute and then plug the unit back in.

Where is KitchenAid overload reset button? ›

If the Stand Mixer stops due to overload, slide the speed control lever to “0” (OFF) and unplug the Stand Mixer. After a few minutes, the Stand Mixer will automatically reset. Plug the Stand Mixer back in and slide the speed control lever to the desired speed and continue mixing.

Does a KitchenAid stove have a fuse? ›

Popular KitchenAid Wall Oven Fuses

It is common for the oven to lose power after completing a self-cleaning cycle, and the thermal fuse is often at fault. Replacing the blown fuse is a fairly easy repair, and involved removing the top of the oven to swap out the fuse.


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