Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (2023)

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (1)look at

expert assessment

an advantage

  • Incredible gaming presence.
  • High frequency and fast response time
  • Excellent color and perfect OLED contrast
  • Good viewing area for multitasking

the opposition

  • the voice is not perfect
  • Some bad choices for car port and USB
  • takes up a lot of space

our verdict

Odyssey OLED G9 impresses with its powerful curved wide screen, rich colors, excellent dynamics and high frequency and response. Not everything is perfect, but the important things are very good. If you have a similarly premium gaming PC, this might be the right monitor to match its capabilities.

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1799.99 dollars

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (2)


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After seeing the Odyssey OLED G9 at CES last winter, I couldn't wait to buy one for a test drive. Who wouldn't be interested in a 49" curved widescreen monitor with a full 32:9 aspect ratio or two standard 16:9 monitors side by side? Its colorful, slightly curved OLED panel, high resolution, high frame rate and sub-millisecond response time suggest that great gaming is within reach.

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Specifications Odyssey OLED G9

Yes, this exhibition is decadent. But the specs make it clear that you're getting something special for the price.

  • Screen size: 49 inches, 32:9
  • Curved: 1800R
  • Original resolution: 5120×1440 pixels
  • Panel type: QD-OLED, glossy
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2 typical, 1000 cd/m2 maximum
  • Contrast ratio: 1,000,000:1
  • HDR: HDR 10、HDR10+、pantalla VesaHDR True Black 400
  • Color depth: 10-bit
  • Color range (indicated): 100% sRGB, 99.5% DCI-P3
  • Refresh rate: 240Hz
  • Response time (GtG): 0.03ms
  • Ulaz slike: HDMI 2.1, micro-HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4
  • Adjustment of the stand: height, tilt
  • Other: 2x 5W speakers, FreeSync Premium Pro, hub with 3x USB 3 Gen 1 Type C, smart screen with Tizen OS, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.2 and remote control
  • Value: $1,799.99

Odyssey OLED G9 design

After making room on a large table (my regular one is too small), screwing the base (no tools required) and carefully lifting it onto the table, I was greeted by its dark-like arched rectangular extension with a surface that minimizes reflections.

The display sits securely on a wide central leg and has an unobtrusive, millimeter-thick matte gray metal frame. The back of the screen is also nicely curved, and when turned on, an RGB ring illuminates the area where the neck meets the back. The image input on the back does not sit well and can be difficult to use. The screen can be slightly raised and tilted back, but not otherwise adjusted. Implementing a pivot feature on such a wide screen would be really cool, but Samsung didn't dare this time.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (3)

Matija Inge

How does the Odyssey OLED G9 work?

Is it worth the wait? Yes, I think so. I loaded as many amazing and immersive games as possible and pushed my PC's RTX 4070 card to the limit to get the action on screen in the best possible quality.

It's hard to argue that an ultrawide screen won't have a beneficial effect on gameplay. By adjusting the in-game FOV settings and maintaining the proper distance from the screen, I can get a field of view that greatly increases peripheral vision and immersion. It took some experimentation and vertigo-like vertigo to find the right angle. But it pays off when everything is perfectly aligned.

Enemies in the corner of the eyedoom forever, which allows me to react faster than with a narrower (and slower) screen. A full view of the landscapes and surroundings allows for easy navigation...or just stop and soak up the dystopian atmosphereCyberpunk 2077Look at the sunset or the view along the horizonRed Dead Redemption 2. or why not take it to heavenflight simulatorSee how the planet bends as you ascend?

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (4)

Matija Inge

Superb colors and good HDR

Wide images not only increase the experience, but also make the image look better. The Odyssey OLED G9 is based on the same QD-OLED technology as Samsung's excellent OLED TVs, which is reflected in its wide color palette and high brightness. It exceeds the DCI P3 color scale and begins to approach the levels of Rec. 2020. Almost, but not quite. Colors in P3 mode are very correct, which corresponds well to sRGB. It's so close to professional color that anyone looking to edit movies and photos on screen will have to be very picky to please.

With OLED, dark surfaces provide rich blacks and 100% contrast at the smallest pixel level. The screen is said to have a brightness of 250cd/m2 at normal brightness, which seems to be the case on a large all-white surface. I have the same value of 248 cd/m2 all over the surface. But it also claims a maximum brightness of 1000 cd/m2 for small, short-lived spots.

I haven't been able to measure it, but movies and games in HDR mode apparently produce more intense localized light and transients. The screen has the same HDR support as most Samsung TVs, HDR10 and HDR10+, including the gaming version, but does not support Dolby Vision. It also has Vesa DisplayHDR True Black 400 certification.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (5)

Matija Inge

Great for gaming, but also for other things.

With a frame rate of 240Hz and support for Adaptive Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro, it's easy to get smooth, beautiful images even when your PC struggles with smooth playback. I didn't experience any screen tearing, even with fast panning and camera movement. If you have a newer Nvidia GeForce graphics card, G-Sync is no longer required on the monitor; adaptive sync is fine. The extremely fast response time of 0.03ms makes this display ideal for gaming.

This requires a computer that can handle it. My relatively fast test box with an Intel Core i5 processor and a Geforce RTX 4070 can deliver 60 frames per second in most games, but not all. Still, there are a lot of pixels to control. A resolution of 5120×1440 pixels means 7.3 million pixels. A 4K screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 provides 8.3 million images.

Not only can gaming benefit from a large screen, but a large workspace is a big plus for other things as well. You can expand the video editor to accommodate a clear timeline and many windows and tools at the same time, while still having room for a browser and file manager. These are actually two "normal" 1440p 16:9 monitors side by side.

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Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (6)

Matija Inge

some strange choices

This means you can also connect two image sources and run two large, full-size, high-definition displays side by side. For this, the monitor has DisplayPort and two HDMI inputs, one full size and one micro HDMI.

It's a format I haven't seen in a long time and it feels a bit retro. What is the purpose of such a micro-HDMI port in 2023? It seems more logical to have a USB-C input for the image signal, preferably one with power supply and a full USB docking station for the laptop. But you'll have to do without it. There are three USB-C ports, but they're just traditional USB hubs, nothing more. One for connecting to the computer and two for connecting USB accessories. Again, the choice of port format is strange. Mostly what I want to connect are USB Type A inputs, for keyboards and mice etc.

Maybe good headphones. The screen has built-in speakers, but the sound experience doesn't live up to the glory of the picture experience. On the bottom edge of the screen there are two 5 W elements, turned to the side. You get good stereo distribution and detailed sound, but it's still thin, with flat mids and weak bass. There is no analog headphone jack; you will need to use a USB port or Bluetooth.

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Matija Inge

almost a smart TV

Yes, the display supports Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 5 connectivity, which is one of Samsung's smart displays. Equipped with an Arm-based processor and the same Tizen OS software as the Samsung Smart TV. function iM8 Smart DisplayThe display we tested in 2022: A complete smart TV system with downloadable apps preloaded for all major and popular streaming services, plus plenty of smaller media, infotainment apps, games, and more.

There's a web browser, a USB media player, a web browser, a control center for smart home devices, and more. You also get the same upscaling and upscaling features that you get with regular TVs. For pure connectivity and content serving, there is no shortage of important features. Except for terrestrial or cable TV receivers.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (8)

Matija Inge

Everything is controlled by a small remote that gives you volume control, a trackpad and shortcuts to some key apps like Netflix and Prime Video. You also get a channel changer that works with Samsung's Samsung TV streaming service, which has several live streaming channels.

However, the screen is a bit of a strange experience as a smart TV. The interface only covers part of the screen, which I assume is 21:9, with large unused areas around it, as well as a large empty space when streaming content.

At just under $1,800, the Galaxy Odyssey OLED G9 is clearly a great investment, but considering its picture quality, excellent gaming capabilities, smooth controls from the Tizen system and remote, and overall smart display. As a bonus, it might be worth it. Two such good 1440p 16:9 OLED displays can cost the same or more. With better speakers and a proper USB-C laptop docking station, it will be a total winner.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: A powerful widescreen for gaming (9)

Matija Inge

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