Samsung S57CG950NN - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 de 57" presented at Gamescom 2023 (2023)

Samsung S57CG950NN - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 de 57" presented at Gamescom 2023 (1)onSamsung Odyssey Neo G9 od 57" (G95NC)also known asSamsung S57CG950NN/ S57CG952NNAnnounced at CES 2023. Although featured on various Samsung support sites, it was not announced until today.

Samsung unveiled the monitor at Gamescom 2023 and revealed the official specifications of the model. heSamsung Odyssey Neo G9 57 inchesalso known asSamsung S57CG950NNFor the first time, 7680 x 2160 resolution and 32:9 aspect ratio are available on a single screen. Equipped with a 57-inch VA screen with 1000R curvature and Quantum Mini LED technology for maximum brightness, it is worthy of VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification. The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 2023 also supports a 240 Hz refresh rate and is Adaptive certified. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro This monitor also supports Adaptive Imaging, Black Equalizer, Clear Motion, Tint, Contrast Enhancer, HDR Tone Mapping, Game Mode, Quantum Dot Technology, Remote Access, Virtual Crosshairs and other features related to image optimization and gaming experience.

The matte screen reduces light reflection on the screen, reducing distractions during the most intense gaming sessions. It also has the world's first DisplayPort 2.1 support, which provides approximately twice the data transfer rate of the previously used DisplayPort 1.4. In addition, the new DisplayPort 2.1 supports the standard lossless Display Stream compression (DSC), enabling the transmission of information without distortion. Other connectivity options include three HDMI 2.1 inputs, a headphone jack, two USB Type A ports and two USB Type B ports.Samsung S57CG950NNIt also has an ergonomic stand that allows height adjustment up to 120 mm, +/-15 degrees of rotation and -3 to 10 degrees of tilt adjustment.

The Odyssey Neo G9 57” will be available in October at and select US retailers for $2,499.99.Samsung S57CG950NN - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 de 57" presented at Gamescom 2023 (2)Samsung S57CG950NN - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 de 57" presented at Gamescom 2023 (3)Samsung S57CG950NN - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 de 57" presented at Gamescom 2023 (4)Samsung S57CG950NN - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 de 57" presented at Gamescom 2023 (5)Samsung S57CG950NN - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 de 57" presented at Gamescom 2023 (6)

2023 Samsung Odyssey Ark (G97NC) officially available with improved connectivity, convenience and performance

Today, Samsung unveiled the 2023 Samsung Odyssey Ark (G97NC), also known as the Samsung S55CG97, which will be on display at Gamescom 2023 and will go on sale in October. Vertical Cockpit Mode allows users to feel as if they are in the cockpit of a spaceship, while Flex Move Screen allows users to adjust the display size and position of windows on the screen. Building on the success of the original Odyssey Ark, Samsung...

August 23, 2023

Odyssey G5 2023 Series Samsung S27CG51 and S32CG51: Specifications and Features

The Samsung Odyssey G5/G51C 2023 series of gaming monitors has been quietly launched. Here's a look at the specifications for this year's G51C series, which includes two models: Samsung S32CG51 - Specifications Samsung S27CG51 - Specifications The Samsung S32CG51 has a 31.5-inch VA display and the Samsung S27CG51 has a 27-inch VA display, each with QHD resolution. Brightness 250-300 nits, static contrast ratio 3000:1, 8-bit...

August 14, 2023

Samsung S57CG950NN - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 57" - Uskoro

The 57-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, also known as the Samsung S57CG950NN/S57CG952NN, was announced at CES 2023. It is already appearing on various Samsung support sites, which means the model will arrive soon. For the first time, the Samsung S57CG950NN provides a resolution of 7680 on a screen that represents 2160 x 2160 and an aspect ratio of 32:9. With a 57-inch VA screen with a curvature of 1000R, it uses Quantum Mini LED technology to provide maximum brightness...

August 9, 2023

Samsung QN85QE1CAF 4K QLED TV AOL Exclusive

Samsung QN85QE1CAF is an exclusive online TV model for the American market. Originally priced at $2,800, this model has been significantly discounted to $1,700. The only TV in the Samsung QE1C series (so far) similar in design, specifications and features to the Samsung Q60C series 4K QLED TV: 4K VA panel 50/60Hz refresh rate Edge LED backlight with dual LED technology 100% Quantum Dot color volume ...

August 9, 2023

Samsung ViewFinity S65VC and ViewFinity S65UC officially launched

Samsung has launched several new monitors in the ViewFinity S6 series. They will be available later this month. The monitors are as follows: Samsung ViewFinity S65VC aka Samsung S34C652VAU Samsung ViewFinity S65UC aka Samsung S34C652UAU Both monitors are identical in many ways. Both have 34-inch VA display panels with 1000R curvature and an ultra-wide resolution of 3440 x 1440 px. Screen...

August 8, 2023

TCL CSOT manufactures display panels for the Samsung QNC990 8K Neo QLED 98-inch TV

TCL has announced that its display panel manufacturing company China Star Optoelectronics (CSOT) is supplying VA panels for Samsung's 98-inch QNC990 8K TV. In South Korea, the model number is called Samsung KQ98QNC990. Not yet available in the US and Europe. But let's assume that the model is called Samsung QN98QN900C in the US and has several names in Europe depending on the market: Samsung QE98QN900C, Samsung TQ98QN900C and...

July 27, 2023

Samsung QN900C Neo QLED 98-inch 8K TV Coming in 2023

Samsung has completed the 98-inch model of its QN900C series Neo QLED 8K TV for 2023. It will be launched first in South Korea, followed by other markets. This model number should be called Samsung QN98QN900C in the US and Samsung QN98QN900C in Europe. There are different names depending on the market: Samsung QE98QN900C, Samsung TQ98QN900C and Samsung GQ98QN900C. In Korea, the model is called Samsung KQ98QNC990. In contrast...

July 13, 2023

Samsung QN83S90C: LG Display presents 83-inch S90C TV with WOLED panel

The Samsung S90C TV series currently has four models, each of which uses a QD-OLED panel. As of today, Samsung has an 83-inch model of the S90C called the Samsung QN83S90C. However, instead of a QD-OLED panel, it uses a WOLED panel. The latter has acquired LG Display, coinciding with recent reports that LG Display will ship. WOLED TV panels are supplied by Samsung Electronics. The 83-inch S90C is priced at $...

July 11, 2023

Omdia: FPD Manufacturing Equipment Market to Bottom in 2023 and Recover in 2024

After peaking at nearly $21 billion in revenue in 2017, the market for capital goods used to manufacture OLED and LCD panels has continued to decline year-over-year as the flat panel display (FPD) industry matures. This trend will peak in 2023, when revenue from FPD equipment will drop 71% to an all-time low of $3.1 billion. However, Omdia's recent supply, demand and reports on OLED and LCD equipment...

July 11, 2023

Samsung ViewFinity S9 aka Samsung S90PC is now open for pre-order

The Samsung ViewFinity S9, model number Samsung S90PC, is up for pre-order in South Korea and will go on sale in that country next week on July 3rd. The price in South Korea is 1.7 million won, which is equivalent to about 1300 US dollars in RMB. Apple's Studio Display features a 27-inch 5K screen optimized for creative professionals like graphic designers and photographers. Its resolution is 5120 x 2880...

June 27, 2023

LG Display will supply WOLED TV panels to Samsung Electronics

South Korean news outlet The Elec reported that, according to industry sources, LG Display will supply a small quantity of WOLED display panels to Samsung Electronics this month. The panels will be used in the new Samsung WOLED TVs that will be launched in the second half of this year. It should be noted that the two companies did not reach a final agreement, mainly due to market uncertainty. The same...

June 22, 2023

Samsung QN98Q80C - The 98-inch Samsung Q80C QLED 4K Smart TV is now available for pre-order

Samsung QN98Q80C - The Samsung Q80C QLED 98-inch 4K Smart TV is now available for pre-order in the US. This model sells for $8,000. However, during the pre-order period, which ends in 14 days, you can get $500 off the highest price, an additional $1,000 instant discount, and a free Q800C Q-Series soundbar. For more information on terms and conditions, please visit the Samsung US website: View Source Link.

June 20, 2023

Samsung G93SC is another version of Odyssey OLED G9 without smart features

The Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 was launched globally two weeks ago, but today Samsung released an official statement to the public. Oddly enough, a different version of the screen debuted. Until now, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 was called Samsung S49CG954SN, Samsung S49CG954SC or something else depending on the market. In short, Samsung calls it the G95SC. In a press release,...

June 13, 2023

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 aka Samsung S49CG954SN - Specifications and features

The Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 has arrived and now all the specifications and features of the model have been revealed. In North America, the model number is known as Samsung S49CG954SN, also known as Samsung LS49CG954SNXZA. In China and related countries, this model is called Samsung S49CG954SC, also known as Samsung LS49CG954SCXXF and LS49CG954SCXZW. The Samsung Odyssey OLED G9, also known as the Samsung G95SC, features a 49-inch dual QHD display…

May 31, 2023


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